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“Be everything you aspire to be.” ~Shannon Layburn

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Shannon Layburn is an actress, performer, model, and vocalist with ongoing training in vocal coaching and piano.  She also plays ukulele in her spare time.   You will often find her feeding her passion by performing live singing at local venues. 

Shannon continuously trains her acting techniques through workshops, group classes and private coaching.  Her professional experience is with commercial acting for TV and film where she had the opportunity to work on both large and small productions from the blockbuster movie ‘Divergent Series Allegiant’ to the ‘Substitute Spy’

Shannon has many years of experience as a cheerleader for both competition and school.  She also takes ballet, tap and jazz dance.  Shannon is currently studying in an award winning high school Theater Arts program that she is proud to be accepted into by audition only.  This program wins awards both at the state level and nationally.  She is looking very forward to learning everything about theater including behind the scenes as well as on stage for her four year high school journey.



Wendy Faraone, Disney Set Coach“It was such a rewarding experience working with Shannon.  What a talented, polite lady. Shannon takes direction very well, shows up focused and ready to go.  It is evident in working with her that she takes her training and acting very seriously.   Looking forward to working with her again!”       ~Wendy Faraone, Disney Channel Acting Coach & Director  


Ron Sheehan


“This young lady has an incredible voice. If you’ve ever heard somebody complain about a lack of talent among young musicians these days, drag them with you to see this show tonight. Shannon Layburn is one of those young people who you can tell your friends you saw “way back when in a little restaurant in Matthews, NC” in just a few years. And the musicians who will back her tonight are each spectacular in their own right.”       ~ Ron Sheehan


Tom Reda“A STAR IS BORN! Last night at Moochies, (where else?) 14 year old Shannon Layburn performed 3 amazing sets of angelic music, showcasing her powerhouse voice and beyond-her-years, nuanced, interpretations to an appreciative crowd. Backed by a tight band featuring Scott McFarlane on keyboards, Trey Butler on Bass, fellow high school phenom Hunter Cuccia on drums and proud Dad, Hugh Layburn on guitar, everyone in the house had their socks immediately released from the locked and upright position. Shannon Layburn. Remember that name. You heard it here first. OK, maybe 7th or 8th. But still, you will be hearing it again. A lot.”       ~Tom Reda


Jody Goff


“For those that have never heard of this young lady or heard her sing you need to take a few minutes and listen. Looking forward to having her back at Moochies soon.”       ~Jody Goff


Sonic Imagery Productions


“We have our table already reserved as I recommend for everyone coming this evening to support this young artist. Do it now because it’s going to be a packed house! “You have to check this girl out; a powerhouse voice at such a young age. She’ll hit the big time in no time for sure.”       ~Sonic Imagery Productions